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Idaho Facility

A flooring contractor in Idaho had primarily only installed resinous flooring and, while familiar with polishing concrete, had never installed a polished concrete job. A 7000 square foot polished concrete job came up, requiring a 1500 grit polish. After learning about the Premera Crystal System, the contractor bid and won his very first polishing job.

Pearl Apartments Move In

The Pearl Apartments were newly built apartments that were about to release their units for leasing. New build move-ins are the most aggressive wear that an apartment will see during its lifetime, as there is a much higher concentration of move-ins all happening at the same time.


Airstream requires a sprayable, thin film, anti-corrosion, easy to clean clear coat for polished aluminum parts. The solution also needed to be able to bond directly to polished aluminum without any substrate profile, and without disturbing the polished look.

San Antonio Doseum

The San Antonio Children’s Museum, called the Doseum due to its interactive nature, needed to protect the new polished concrete floors from two primary destructive elements: margarita / red wine drinking donors during fundraising campaigns and creatively destructive children.

100,000 Sq. Ft. New Construction

Elringklinger is a manufacturer of auto parts for other major automotive manufacturers. In 2022, they opened a new manufacturing plant in San Antonio, TX and needed to protect their concrete floors.