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Premera T9 VFC


Premera T9 VFC is a single component, spray down, sol-gel based clear liquid quartz coating that creates a thin and durable layer of quartz to protect vinyl, linoleum and vinyl composition tiles. Premera T9 VFC provides excellent abrasion and chemical resistance while protecting glossy appearance of VCT or vinyl floors. Comes in gloss, satin or matte if desired. The clear quartz layer removes the need to keep stripping and waxing these types of floors, significantly lowering maintenance costs.


Durable, wear resistant, easy clean clear top coat
Protects gloss and removes need to continuously strip and wax vinyl, VCT or linoleum floors
Excellent scratch resistance
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent stain resistance
Prevents scuffs, acid etching, and food and beverage stains

Product Details

MSRP: $165/gallon
Coverage Per Gallon: 500-800 Square Feet
Cost Per Square Foot: $0.21 – 0.33

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