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Pearl Apartments Move In

Project: High Durability, Easy Clean Floor Coating

Client: The Pearl Apartments

Location: Austin, TX

Size: 45,000 square feet

Date: August 2021

Description: The Pearl Apartments were newly built apartments that were about to release their units for leasing. New build move-ins are the most aggressive wear that an apartment will see during its lifetime, as there is a much higher concentration of move-ins all happening at the same time. Per the client’s request, half the building’s floors were coated with Nukote’s Sol Gel System. The other half had an acrylic coating already applied and was not top coated with T2.

System: Sherwin Williams Color Base Coat with T2 MCM Top Coat

Value Delivered: T2 MCM top coat protected the underlying color base coat from dragging heavy furniture across floors and other moving-related abrasion and impact. The acrylic floor was significantly damaged and needs to be removed and replaced with the Nukote system at a cost of $5/square foot totaling $220,000.