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Project: Polished Aluminum Clear Coat

Client: Airstream

Location: Jackson Center, Ohio

Date: 2013 – Present

Customer Need: Airstream requires a sprayable, thin film, anti-corrosion, easy to clean clear coat for polished aluminum parts. The solution also needed to be able to bond directly to polished aluminum without any substrate profile, and without disturbing the polished look. Lastly, the solution had to be able to be a force cured to fit tight production windows.

System: T2 MCM Direct to Polished Substrate

Value Delivered: Aluminum is polished and cleaned, and Premera T2 MCM is applied direct to the polished substrate without any adhesion promoter or primer. Premera T2 MCM was able to meet all of Airstream’s requirements and has been used on the every one of the 1000s of Airstream produced for the past 8 years.