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While Terrazzo floors take a lot of work to install and are some of the most expensive floors you can create, they are elegantly decorative and are truly hundred-year floors. While long lasting, they must be regularly maintained to protect their high-end aesthetic and glossy appearance. Premera Sol Gels are able to protect the glossy mirror finish so sought after for terrazzo floors by providing a high glossy, reflective finish that has excellent abrasion, stain and chemical resistance in addition to being very easy to clean and maintain.

Premera Sol Gels do not require any profile or grinding in order to obtain excellent adhesion to terrazzo floors which significantly increases installation speed and cuts down on clean up time from prep.


Very fast application speed
No surface grinding / profiling required
Fast return to service and quick / easy job clean up
Engineered for heavy traffic including forklifts and vehicles
More durable & cost effective than commonly used thin-mil coatings or tile
Stain resistant to acids, bases, hydrocarbons / oils, food & drink, cleaning & industrial chemicals
Easy to clean and maintain
Thermal shock resistant
Slip resistant even when wet
Super anti-slip grip options
Works on walls / vertical surfaces
Antimicrobial / antibacterial options
Suitable for extreme hot and cold environments

Terrazzo Floor Options

Protect New or Existing Terrazzo

Protect New or Existing Terrazzo