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Premera FP1 Fusion Primer

FP1 Fusion Primer

Premera FP1 Fusion Primer is a single component, spray on sol-gel based fusion primer that functions as a direct to substrate primer and as an intercoat adhesion primer. FP1 Fusion Primer creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate, chemically fusing substrate and top coat. FP1 is very compatible with many surfaces, and many coatings, though water-based coatings are not compatible as top coats. When used on concrete, tile or existing coatings, as long as surface is clean and free of bond breakers such as oils, greases, etc., no grinding or surface profile is needed to achieve strong chemical bond to surface.


Removes the need to grind, sand or profile substrates or coatings before top coating
Provides strong bonding to the hard to bond or low/no profile surfaces
➢ 90 minute overcoat window. If window is missed, run a screen or light abrasion and reapply
Provides chemical bonding to substrate and becomes one with the surface they are applied to
Can be used on porous and non-porous substrates – concrete, stones, tile, porcelain, glass
Single component, spray down primer
UV stable and virtually invisible

Product Details

MSRP: $175/gallon
Coverage Per Gallon: 300-400 Square Feet
Cost Per Square Foot: $0.43 – 0.59

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