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Premera Crystal Densifier

Premera Crystal Densifier

Crystal Densifier: Premera Crystal Densifier is part of the One Day Polish system: Step 1 is a densify and polish step; Step 2 is a Guard that protects from food and drink acids / stains and can be continuously burnished. Premera Crystal Densifier is applied directly to 100 transitional profile concrete, and then burnished with up to a 3000 grit diamond pad one hour after application. Crystal Densifier is a single component, spray down, sol-gel based quartz polymer that both densifies concrete and chemically fuses a polishable, crystal clear, quartz-mineral barrier layer into and on top of concrete. The Premera One Day Polish System significantly reduces time to polish concrete, while also providing high chemical and abrasion resistance to concrete.

Using the Premera One Day Polish System, 1 crew of 2 people with 1 burnisher can polish approximately 2000 square feet of 100 transitional profile concrete to 3000 grit per hour.


Sol-Gel based SiO2 densifier
Spray on to 100 transitional finish
Skip all resins & go straight to burnish
Burnish 1 hour after Crystal Densifier application
Burnish with up to 3000 grit diamond pad
Instantly create mirror finish polish
Match spec to correlating burnish pad, i.e. 400 grit spec = burnish with 400 grit diamond pad

Product Details

MSRP: $150/gallon
Coverage Per Gallon: 300-400 Square Feet
Cost Per Square Foot: $0.38 – 0.50

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