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100,000 Sq. Ft. New Epoxy Floor

Project: New Epoxy Floor in Manufacturing Space

Client: INDO-MIM

Area: 100,000 Square Feet

Location: San Antonio, TX

Date: August 2022

Description: INDO-MIM is a metal parts manufacturer and wanted to coat its new manufacturing warehouse floors with an industrial grade epoxy. Modern Day Concrete bid the job in 2021, before they knew about Fusion Primer. In their submittal, they had about 5 weeks scheduled to grind 100,000 square feet of concrete floors. After they won the bid, they learned about Fusion Primer and started using it extensively. Once they were confident in its performance, they decided to use Fusion Primer on the INDO- MIM job. Instead of spending 5 weeks just grinding concrete, they were able to coat all 100,000 square feet in just 1 week using Fusion Primer.

System: Premera FP1 Fusion Primer with Lone Star Industrial Epoxy 100

Value Delivered: Using FP1 Fusion Primer saved the contractor 5 weeks of time on their epoxy installation job on 100,000 square feet. This doubled the contractor’s profit margins from 20% to 40%, and allowed crews to be mobilized on other jobs instead of stuck grinding concrete and breathing dust. There was zero grinding done on this 100,000 square foot job. The epoxy is extremely well bonded to the concrete, and will remain so for years to come.