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San Antonio Doseum

Project: High Durability, Easy Clean Floor Coating

Client: San Francisco Children’s Doseum

Area: 40,000 Square Feet

Location: San Antonio, TX

Date: 2014 – Present

Description: The San Antonio Children’s Museum, called the Doseum due to its interactive nature, needed to protect the new polished concrete floors from two primary destructive elements: margarita / red wine drinking donors during fundraising campaigns and creatively destructive children.

System: Quick Seal & Enhance with T2 MCM Top Coat

Value Delivered: Over 2,000,000 people have walked through the front doors and over the coated floors. It has been 7 years since these coatings went down. The floors look great and have no need to recoat. Typical floor coatings would last 3-5 years in this type of environment. At $5/square foot to strip and reapply a traditional coating. Using Nukote Sol Gels have saved 2 reapplication cycles, each of which would cost $200,000. Total Current Savings from using Nukote Sol Gel = $400,000.