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Idaho Facility

Project: Polish Concrete in 1 Step

Location: Idaho

Size: 7,000 square feet

Description: A flooring contractor in Idaho had primarily only installed resinous flooring and, while familiar with polishing concrete, had never installed a polished concrete job. A 7000 square foot polished concrete job came up, requiring a 1500 grit polish. After learning about the Premera Crystal System, the contractor bid and won his very first polishing job.

System: Crystal Densifier + Crystal Guard

Value Delivered: Polishing 7000 square feet to 1500 grit would take experienced concrete polishing crews at least 5 days to complete. With the Premera Crystal System, this contractor, brand new to polishing concrete, was able to deliver 7000 square feet at 1500 grit polish in 2 days, less than half the time it would normally take a very experienced crew. Upon impressing the building owner with their phenomenal floor on his first ever polish job, the contractor was asked what he thought about his experience using Premera’s Crystal System. He said, “This system is going to make me rich.”