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Premera Quick Seal

Quick Seal

Premera Quick Seal is a single component, spray down, fast-drying acrylic sealer designed to seal substrate pores and capillaries before applying Premera T2 MCM. Sealing new or ground concrete with Quick Seal will double or triple the coverage of Premera T2 MCM. To use Quick Seal as a fast stain and seal, 1-2 oz of Ameripolish Acetone Based Surelock Dye can be added to 1 gallon of Quick Seal. Top coat Premera Quick Seal with Premera T2 MCM for high performance chemical and abrasion resistant floors.


Seals porous substrates pores and capillaries for better coverage of T2 MCM
Can add dye for single step stain and seal
Doubles or triples coverage of T2 MCM
Fully dry in 2 minutes
Can be used on most Natural and Artificial Stone, Concrete, and Masonry Products
Stain and water repellant
Penetrate the surface of the substrate
Enhances and deepens natural colors of substrate
Repel moisture, stains and mold from within the substrate

Product Details

MSRP: $75/gallon
Coverage Per Gallon: 150-300 Square Feet
Cost Per Square Foot: $0.25 – 0.50

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