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Hotels / Hospitality

Hotel floors face many challenges for floor maintenance, and often have a high standard for cleanliness. Hotel maintenance and cleaning staff have to contend with high amounts of foot traffic, spills and stains from a wide range of possible stain causing agents, and constant cleaning to maintain a pristine experience for guests. Premera Sol Gels deliver excellent abrasion resistance that can easily handle foot traffic from millions of people, as well as excellent chemical and stain resistance to give cleaning staff long amounts of time to clean up spills by creating a durable, easy clean, non-stick floor.


Very fast application speed
No surface grinding / profiling required
Fast return to service and quick / easy job clean up
Engineered for heavy traffic including forklifts and vehicles
More durable & cost effective than commonly used thin-mil coatings or tile
Stain resistant to acids, bases, hydrocarbons / oils, food & drink, cleaning & industrial chemicals
Easy to clean and maintain
Thermal shock resistant
Slip resistant even when wet
Super anti-slip grip options
Works on walls / vertical surfaces
Antimicrobial / antibacterial options
Suitable for extreme hot and cold environments

Type of Hotel / Hospitality Floor