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Hospitals have a wide range of challenges for floor maintenance. High wear from foot traffic and wheeled devices, cleaning chemicals to ensure hygienic environments, and bodily fluids are a lot to ask a floor coating to protect against. Premera Sol Gels are excellent for providing highly wear and abrasion resistant, easy clean, no-stain floors that can stand up to very harsh chemicals. Premera Sol Gels are excellent options for floor preservation and maintenance.


Very fast application speed
No surface grinding / profiling required
Fast return to service and quick / easy job clean up
Engineered for heavy traffic including forklifts and vehicles
More durable & cost effective than commonly used thin-mil coatings or tile
Stain resistant to acids, bases, hydrocarbons / oils, food & drink, cleaning & industrial chemicals
Easy to clean and maintain
Thermal shock resistant
Slip resistant even when wet
Super anti-slip grip options
Works on walls / vertical surfaces
Antimicrobial / antibacterial options
Suitable for extreme hot and cold environments

Type of Hospital Floor